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Dropshipping Service Worldwide

Colorfone offers a Dropshipping service for entrepreneurs and clients that do not want to invest in stock and want to start selling high-quality products.

What does this mean exactly? A dropshipping system allows your customers to buy from your website and receive the products from us. We pick and package this order for you and send it directly to the consumer. You won't buy those products in advance, we will send you an invoice right after your customer purchase! Cool right? Keep reading to learn more!

What Dropshipping is?

Dropshipping is a business model that helps entrepreneurs to launch an online business without ever storing products. We will indeed deliver products to your clients. The merchandise listed on your website is stored in our warehouse and, when the customer orders the product, the item is sent directly to the customer by us.
It gives small businesses a risk-free method for testing new goods without payment and ownership in advance of the product. It is a business model that encourages the participation of more people in entrepreneurship.

Are you thinking to start selling tech products or smart home devices but you don't want to risk? Then contact us and start selling with the dropshipping method.


How dropshipping order works step-by-step?

The Dropshippig method allows you to sell our products on your website. You can set the price and we will ship the products directly to your customers!

  1. You upload our products on your website (You can take the pictures and descriptions fro our website or you can contact us and we can send you a CSV file with all the info regarding the products you are interested in)
  2. You Login to Colorfone
  3. Search for your customer's ordered item on our website
  4. Click on add
  5. Enter your client's address for shipping
  6. Choose the correct shipping method: dropshipping
  7. Pay with us IDEAL, PayPal or another payment method
  8. Your client will receive your order shipped from us!

What is the advantage of Dropshipping at Colorfone?

  • No investment in stock
  • You determine the selling price and profit margin ( see suggested retail price here )
  • We do not charge a commission
  • Choose from a wide range of more than 3000 items
  • Daily shipment to your customers (Mon-Fri)
  • Professional delivery with Track & Trace
  • Low shipping and handling costs
  • Fast delivery from our own warehouse
  • Pay with iDeal or paypal
  • CSV / Excel files available
  • World wide shipping!

Dropshipping shipping info

Our orders are sent by letter WITHOUT track & trace or as a package WITH track & trace. The choice is yours. We are not responsible for packages without track & trace.

The all-in drop shipping Netherlands are:

  • € 3.50 for letter post 0-200gr without tracking
  • € 6.95 for other packages with tracking

For 2 or more products an extra handling fee of € 1 is charged. You must check this yourself at the checkout. If you choose wrong, the shipping process may be delayed. We only ship once payment has been received.

The all-in drop shipping costs World Wide vary per zone. Download the price list and country overview >> here <<. We offer letter post 0-200gr without tracking, package 0-500-1000gr with and without tracking on.


Curious about dropshipping at Colorfone? Please contact us for more information.
When shipping via us with dropshipping you automatically agree with our >>
conditions << Read this carefully!

* We only ship PowerBanks in the Netherlands. We have the right to exclude some brands from the sale.

Colorfone is your trusted dropshipping partner for mobile, wearables and consumer electronic accessories!