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Monthly discount

At Colorfone we care about our client's satisfaction. Therefore we have decided to offer a monthly discount for our retailers and resellers. If you are a Colorfone reseller and you want to purchase a big order, it is important to know that you will get a discount on your next order.

That is how it works:

  • Orders of € 1000 and higher = 10% Bonus
  • Orders of € 500- € 999 = 5% Bonus

We look at the total expenditure of the month (excluding VAT/excl. shipping costs). If during the month you spend more than 1000 euroS we will send you a 10% discount code. For orders between 500 and 900 euros, you will get a discount of 5%.

This discount code for retailers is valid only for one purchase. You can use it only with your account and within the month you received the discount code.

The bonus amount is paid out as a one-off discount voucher and it is valid for 1 month.



  • Dropshipping
  • Items that already have a discount do not count.
  • Health & Hygiene items
  • Consumer Electronics