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COVID Test Kits

 Goldsite COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit
Goldsite COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit
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COVID Test Kits

Wholesaler of Corona test kit

All the covid 19-tests are of two types (2 different strands of testing) the PCR/molecular test and the antigen test help find out if a person currently has the covid-19 disease. The other type of test, the antibody or also called serological test, ascertain whether a person had the disease in the past and have built up antibodies. PCR tests are currently the most accurate and popular test in analysing the presence of covid-19. 

People are getting tested for several reasons. The most common reason to get tested is when you have symptoms or when you have to move from one country to another. Based on the country where you are based, you have to follow the test policy to flight for example. In the Netherlands indeed, if you fly from a high-risk country, it is mandatory to present a negative NAAT (PCR) test result. 

The number of clinics using the corona test kit is increasing every day. Indeed there is a high demand of these devices to detect the virus. 

 At Colorfone you can find various types of professional corona test kit such are PCR test, antigen test and antibody test.



PCR tests are molecular tests that use the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to diagnostic the coronavirus. These tests help diagnose if the patient as a coronavirus infection at the moment of the test. Indeed they are the most accurate COVID-19 tests nowadays.

Molecular tests detect the RNA, genetic material of the coronavirus. These tests are sensitive, indeed they need only a very tiny amount of sample. Compared to the other rapid tests, the PCR test require some hours to provide the results. Furthermore, the test must be performed by highly trained personnel, with specific reagents and machines. The sample is collected with a nasal or throat swab. 

 The test detects the virus' RNA, which is the virus' genetic substance. The first step of this test is for this RNA to be converted into DNA using the reverse transcriptase enzyme. This is then recognized by the PCR test ( also called The diagnostic and nucleic acid amplification tests - NAAT).

Remember that the virus may be incubated while you are being tested. This means that the negative result does not actually mean that you are not infected.



To get the result in a shorter time is good to use rapid antigen tests. They are diagnostic test less accurate than the PCR Tests but they can provide results after 20 minutes. The rapid test device is similar to a pregnancy test and you can take the sample with a nasal or throat to detect a protein that is part of the coronavirus. Until now, the most used rapid diagnostic tests are the antigen tests.

 The downside is that if a person is still contagious the tests may come back negative. Depending on the quality of the antigen test and the test takers, false negatives could be as high as 20%.

 That is why Colorfone is selling the most quality and professionals corona test kit to support the Healthcare sector. 



An antibody test cannot detect if someone currently has the infection from Covid-19. They use blood samples to detect if someone has produced antibodies to help fight off COVID-19. Indeed, these corona rapid antibody tests allow identifying if the patient had the infection in the past. 

 The sample is not taken by a swab. Only a sample of blood is needed to detect the presence of antibodies against the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this test can show a false negative. 


Colorfone is a wholesaler of all types of corona test kit for professionals. We provide high-quality products to provide support in this war against the Coronavirus. Contact us if you need more info about our products! 

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