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Buy Tablet Cases

Buy Tablet Cases

Buy tablet covers wholesale

Are you looking for leather tablet covers for your customers? View our wide range of tablet covers for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets. With us you can purchase high-quality leather-look tablet covers at a competitive price. Our wholesaler of tablet covers also has a matching leather-look phone case for various mobile devices. This can be very interesting for a business audience!

Wholesale of tablet cases

In addition to a wide range of phone cases, our wholesaler also has high-quality leather-look tablet cases. Our tablet covers are part of the leather-look bookcases collection, which is also available for various mobile phones. For example, customers may be able to match a leather-look phone case with a leather-look tablet case. All our leather-look covers are made of sturdy PU leather and all tablets have a holder function so that the tablet can 'stand' on the side.

Buy leather tablet covers

Our leather tablet covers are made of high-quality PU leather and available in various colors, so that your customer has plenty of choice. For example, you can buy soft pink covers for the iPad mini, or black tablet covers for the Galaxy Tab 2. All tablet covers have a sturdy inner lining and can 'stand' upright in the cover.

Wholesale Apple iPad cases

We are a wholesaler of all kinds of mobile accessories and tablet accessories. For example, we have all kinds of covers for the various types of iPads, such as the iPad mini covers and iPad pro covers. Our wholesale apple ipad covers consist of high-quality leather look covers that you can purchase at a competitive rate.

Buy Apple iPad covers

For apple tablet cover sellers we have, among other things:

  • Ipad mini cases
  • Ipad pro cases
  • iPad air cases

Wholesale of Samsung tablet covers

In addition to the iPad covers, Samsung covers are also very popular with us. This way you can view various samsung galaxy tablet covers. From the latest tablets to slightly older models, you can view a wide range at our wholesaler of tablet covers. The samsung tablet covers are leather look tablet covers.

We are your wholesaler for tablet covers, extra cables and other mobile accessories. All orders placed before 3 p.m. from Mon to Fri will ship the same day. That means that you can expect it in the store the next day!

Buy Samsung tablet covers

For Samsung sellers we have, among other things:

  • Samsung tab s2 cases
  • Samsung nexus 10 cases
  • Samsung note 10 cases
  • Samsung tab s3 cases

You can also purchase various universal tablet covers from us. For example, we have tablet covers for 7 and 8 inch tablets and 9 and 10 inch tablets. You can purchase all kinds of tablet covers at a good price at our wholesaler. You can also purchase our extra chargers and cables for the tablet from us. Contact us and we'll be happy to talk to you soon!

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