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About us

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We are a global B2B Wholesaler firm active since 1998. We are based in Rotterdam (NL) and we are dedicated to becoming the best intermediary between supply and demand for Phone & Laptop accessories, Smart home devices and Healthcare products. With a wide portfolio of quality brands and excellent cross-border supply chain management, our strong reputation has enabled us to achieve long-term relations with resellers, retailers and e-tailers. As an intermediary between supply and demand, we have both online platforms and offline sales channels targeting the whole European market.

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Our Mission

Light up your customer life!

Our main goal is to help you enhance the quality of life of your customers!

Colorfone is designed to be more than just a B2B E-commerce platform. With more than 23 years of experience, Colorfone is committed to improving its client's relationship by making their lives easier!

We are aware that an enduring relationship requires significant time and effort - both for those seeking romance and for businesses trying to find quality partners. By putting ourself in client's shoes and addressing problems before they come up, we are committed to delivering the best service to our clients. For this reason, we will always keep you updated about new products and developments.

We know clients appreciate the more personal touch of a phone call or a quick reply via email. In particular the ability to quickly contact your partner when you have some questions. That's why we are available 9/24h (Monday-Friday) via phone, WhatsApp, and email to help you achieve quicker resolutions to problems!


Why us? Our Key Values!

Reliability: With more than 23 years of experience, we help several customers all over Europe which is why we understand the European market very well! If you are looking for a professional Wholesaler, Colorfone is the partner for you. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the best service!

Quality: All our items are carefully selected and tested for quality and fit. In our portfolio, we carefully selected Top quality brands such as Xiaomi, Devia and Baseus which work with the most sought-after industrial designers to provide you with long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make your life easier. Xiaomi itself aims to add further to the advancement of technology in the world and to enhance current technologies.

Quick delivery: We are committed to providing the best service in the shortest time. We guarantee quick delivery with full traceability and a wide, ever-growing product range! If you order before 15.00 your shipment is guaranteed to be dispatched before the end of the day. If you are based in the Netherlands you order will be shipped within 1-2 working days. If you are based in other countries, your order will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days.

Dropshipping & Wide range of products: We have a high in-demand product range in stock per month. Dropshipping is a method of inventory control that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the shop sells the goods and forwards the order to a third-party retailer, who then delivers the order to the client. If you're looking to start a dropshipping business we are here for you!



Phone accessories: You can buy all kinds of phone accessories from us at a competitive price. We invite you to take a look at the latest phone cases, USB cables, chargers, car holders, Power banks, screen protectors, and much more. 

Smart home: Our wholesaler supplies the most popular accessories for Tablet, Wearables and Smart Home products. We always pay attention to the best possible price-quality ratio. In addition to the quality, we also look at the Fashion side. Trendy colours and special design of Apple Watch and Apple Airpods, so that there is something for everyone. We also have the newest series of smart home products. Check the range quickly.

Healthcare: At Colorfone you can buy Medical, Hygienic and Consumable healthcare products. Including face masks, Covid-19 test kits, medical face shields, disposable nitrile gloves and more ... We pay close attention to the quality and provide the best possible description for all products. We think it is very important that these products do what they are supposed to. Take a quick look at our range of PPE and medical devices. In the past, we have also supplied masks to the Federal Ministry of Health Germany.

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Colorfone Team