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About us

B2B service provider since 1998

"Our goal is not only to provide high-quality products at good prices, but also to help you grow your business and help from the sidelines."

We are a distributor and wholesaler of mobile phone, computer and digital accessories, smart home and lifestyle products, personal protective equipment and much more.

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Wholesaler services

We cater to all sorts of companies in two primary markets. From small independent shop owners to larger chains and retailers, we are here to help you grow. A partnership with Colorfone will ease your procurement worries and ensures you are always up-to-date with major developments in the industry.

Phone/computer/digital accessories

We have a large offering of phone accessories for the latest Apple and Samsung devices. In addition, we are an official supplier of UGreen and Baseus phone accessories. You are always welcome to discuss your business needs with us or come visit us at our warehouse, situated in Rotterdam.


During the covid-pandemic, many businesses and public services had to adjust to drastic safety measures and health regulations. We at Colorfone support the advancements in healthcare and work together with reputable companies such as EexiInherent and Jumper Medical to bring the best products to Europe in the fields of personal care equipment and disposables.

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We offer Dropshipping services to a few countries within Europe. Whether you are in e-commerce or the owner of an independent store, dropshipping offers many benefits to you and your customers. Our service caters specifically to small shop owners and brick-and-mortar stores who want to make the most of their retail store layout.

A detailed overview can be found here.


At Colorfone we are open to all forms of cooperation. We provide distribution and fulfillment services for large suppliers and small businesses. Using our network, we can ship and manage your stock in all European regions. Working together with local dealers and partners, we ensure the best exposure while retaining Brand value and business value across all channels and locales.

View our success story with EexiInherent.