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Face shields via wholesale dropshipping supplier

Dr. BanBao Medical Face shield 1 Holder and 10 screens
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 Medical Face Shield MZ-2
Medical Face Shield MZ-2
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Face shields via wholesale dropshipping supplier

Medical splash masks via dropshipping wholesale

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The splash masks via Colorfone are medically certified face shields. These can be used by professionals or consumers. For example, the medical splash masks are widely used by dentists and behind the counter, for example. The splash masks via our dropshipping wholesaler have an adjustable strap and fit well around the head. A medical splash mask covers a large part of the face against splashes and virus particles. You can combine the splash mask with a face mask.

Buy face shield from Dutch wholesaler dropshipping:

  • Medical Face Shield Dr. BanBao
  • Medical face shield MZ-2

Buy face shield from wholesale dropship

A splash mask, face shield, face shield or face mask is a transparent screen that protects the head against splash particles. The splash masks from Colorfone, your dropshipping distributor, are medically certified face shields and have been specially developed as a means of protection against Covid-19. The medical face shields are widely used by healthcare providers, dentists and shop assistants. Our face shields have an adjustable strap so that the shields are comfortable. Order a box of face shields from Colorfone now; your dropship supplier in the Netherlands.

Combine face mask with medical splash mask

A medical splash mask mainly protects the face against splashes and ensures that virus particles do not reach your face through the front. A splash mask does not cover completely. Depending on the type of work, it may be advisable to combine a face mask with a medical splash mask. For example, we advise healthcare providers and dentists to always combine a face mask with a medical face shield. It can also be advisable in shops where it is busy. And finally places where you are close to the customer, such as a hairdresser's shop.

At Colorfone you buy good quality medical splash masks at a competitive price. Our dropshipping wholesale supplies a lot to health authorities and resellers. Log in now and view our prices!

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