A review of HUTT C6 Electric Window Cleaner Robot with Water Spray

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A review of HUTT C6 Electric Window Cleaner Robot with Water Spray

Many people are amazed when they see their first window cleaning robot, often as known as a Winbot. It seems like something straight out of science fiction, a robot magically floating across the glass. However, the science behind how they work is pretty straightforward. These machines are held up one of two ways, either a powerful vacuum creates enough suction to hold the robot to the glass, or a specialized magnet is placed on the other side of the glass.


While there are some devices that utilize a combination of these technologies, mostly it’s one or the other. Magnets were far more common than the suction-based method in the early days of Winbots. However, as the efficiency of motors and vacuums has improved, the magnet method is becoming less used. In addition, it is not always feasible to attach a magnet on the other side of the glass, making them far less versatile.


Suction-based Winbots are growing much more common in the last couple of years. Comparing to the magnet method, they can be used virtually anywhere. However, they are louder than their magnetic counterparts. Another potential downside is that they need to be attached with a safety rope to ensure no accidents.


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1. It has an 80 ml water tank capable of cleaning a surface of 70-80 m2, in the same tank you can put your glass cleaner.


2. It has a security mechanism. In case the power goes out in the building, it has an emergency battery of 20-30 minutes, which keeps the robot cleaner from falling.


3. This robot cleaner can be controlled by using a remote control. Thanks to its artificial intelligence system, this robot cleaner automatically adjusts its suction power, with a maximum of 3800 Pa.


4. It can be used on many types of surfaces, such as glass, ceramics, mirrors, wooden floors, marble and stainless steel. The built-in smart sensor will recognize the edges of the surfaces and prevent falls.




1. This robot cleaner is a bit loud when it is working.


2. Improvements needed to make this device more user-friendly.


3. When the device is on automatic mode, sometimes it fails to cover all the corners of the surface.


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