How does the Yeelight light bulb work?

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  • By Francesca Celano
How does the Yeelight light bulb work?

Yeelight is an emerging smart lighting brand! Yeelight has a large portfolio of smart home lighting products including table lamps, bulbs lighting, ceiling lamps and smart lighting control products. Yeelight's products are CE certified to meet the needs and requirements of the market. The products are connected via WiFi and do not require an additional Hub to be able to operate fully. The products are compatible with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and Xiaomi Mijia. This means that the lamps can also be controlled by voice!


Why Yeelight and not Philips Hue?

The Xiaomi Yeelight lights are extremely economical and fall under the energy label of A + and A ++. For example, the average energy cost per year is only € 2! The Yeelight lamps have a lifespan of no less than 15,000 hours. The Yeelight lamps are offered at a very favourable price and the Yeelight lamps do not need a special hub to operate them, this is different for the Philips Hue lamps that DO need a Hub. This way you immediately save the costs of a Hub.


Create a new gaming experience with Yeelight!

Gaming is being taken more and more seriously because it can generate a lot of money. For example, gamers spend a lot of money on Gaming keyboards, Gaming mice, Gaming headsets, etc. Turn your room into a gaming room with the Yeelight lighting. The Yeelight lighting is compatible with Razer Chroma and Overwolf. The lighting changes colour according to the situation in the game. This gives the gamer an experience of a lifetime and gets you even deeper into the game! It is not required to have Razer hardware for the light to function. You only need the Razer Chroma software for this.


How do I connect the Yeelight light with the App?

Download the Yeelight or Mi Home App from the iOs Appstore or the Android Play store. We recommend using the Yeelight App, because it has more functions. Then attach your Yeelight lamp and turn it on.

1. In the App, go to “Device” and press “+” to add a new lamp to the App.

2. Select the option “Add Device” to link your Xiaomi Yeelight to the App

3. Then choose in this menu which type of Yeelight lamp you want to add. In this example, we use the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 and we, therefore, choose the category “Bulb”.

4. You will then see a list of all Yeelight Smart Bulbs. Choose the correct model you want to connect.

5. When adding the product for the first time you get this screen. You can go directly to the next step. If you want to reset the product, you can follow the instructions to bring the product to factory settings.

6. The device needs access to your WiFi network. Choose the correct WiFi and enter your WiFi password.

7. Then choose the Wifi “Yeelink-Light” in your Wifi settings.

8. Your Xiaomi Yeelight lamp is now connected and you can now operate it via the App. There are additional functions that you can set via the App and we are happy to explain them further in our blog.