How to Connect Aqara devices to your phone and smart assistant?

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How to Connect Aqara devices to your phone and smart assistant?

The Aqara devices are the perfect solution to make your House smarter without spending too much money. You can just download the app and connect the devices fast and easy. Aqara devices are cheap and user friendly. The best part comes when you start setting the rules and automate all the devices. These items can also be added in Alexa/Apple home kit/Google home to control them with just one app. Therefore you can control the Aqara devices with voice control.


Remember that the unique selling point of these Xiaomi Aqara devices is the feature to set some rules and create an automated system to have all the devices work based on your rules.


Not clear? You can for example say that you want to turn on a specific plug (like the one attached to your Tv) when the motion sensor placed next to your sofa detect a movement. As well you can decide to turn on all the plugs when the vibration sensor attached to your door detect a vibration. Cool right?

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How to connect Aqara items to iOS and Android devices in the Aqara app?

Download and open the Aqara Home app, select and connect the Hub or Camera hub first. Follow the on-screen instruction to scan or manually enter the HomeKit code (only for iOS users) on the hub or its packaging.


The easiest way to connect the Aqara hub is to press and hold the gateway button for 10 seconds until the yellow light flashes. After connecting the hub devices you need to enter your Wi-Fi password. Then add the Hub to the corresponding room or home.

Adding other Aqara accessories is easy as well. You must select the device from the list, then select the hub and press the button for 5 seconds until the blue light flashes 3 times.


To ensure a stable connection between the Hub and the accessories, please place the Hub at the centre of all the accessories and at least 1 meter above the floor. After the Hub is successfully added, add the remaining Aqara accessories as needed.


Do you want to control the Aqara products from different devices? 

Of course is possible! You can share it with anyone who is living in your house. Just need to go to Profile>Home Management>My home>Invite family members. You can invite them with the email address they used to create an Aqara account. Remember that you can have only one administrator of the app that can create the rules. The others can turn on/off everything.


If you own an iPhone remember to keep the package because if you want to uninstall a device you will need again the code.



How to connect Aqara devices with Alexa app?

Connect the Aqara devices with Alexa is similar to connecting other smart devices like the Yeelight lights. 


  1. You just need to open the Alexa App, click on the button “More” at the right corner at the bottom and go to “Skills&Games”. There you can click on the search icon and type “Aqara home” to install it. 
  2. After it Alexa is going to ask you the devices you want to add and connect. 
  3. Remember to assign a room to each device. 
  4. After you have selected them you can go to the “Devices” page of Alexa app and you’ll find all the devices split into categories. For example, you’ll find the Aqara Hub in the category “Lights” since it functions as a light as well.
  5. When you had paired Alexa with the Aqara you will be able to control all devices by voice. If you already added the devices in Aqara they will automatically appear in Alexa. You can even select the colours of the lights or create a routine to make Alexa do something if …the Aqara devices are doing something such as detect a movement! 
  6. Try to ask Alexa: “Alexa, turn the [device name] into yellow!



How to connect Aqara devices with Google home app?

  1. Start downloading the Google Home app and login with your Google account
  2. In the Home app click on the Add (+) icon and select “Set up device”
  3. After that, you have to click on “Works with Google” and Search “Aqara Smart Home”. We recommend you to select the European version in the search field and Select it
  4. Log in using your Aqara account.
  5. Your smart devices can now be discovered on the Home page and you can assign them to some rooms or other Google home assistants devices.


How to connect Aqara devices with Apple homekit app?

After you have downloaded the Aqara app and you have paired the accessories in the app, you can add Aqara on the Apple Homekit app or with the Apple TV. Then you can check the accessory status in the Apple Home app.

Just make sure that the iOS device you use to set up is signed in to iCloud with the Apple ID that you use to set up your home accessories in the home app. You can now control all the connected accessories remotely with the Home app and use automation. For example, you can say “hey Siri, turn on the light all set”, “hey Siri turn off the light”.

You can connect them with your Apple Tv as well! We recommend you ensure that your iOS device and Apple TV is connected to the same local network. On your Apple TV go to settings> account and

ensure you have logged into iCloud and the Apple ID is the same as on your device. After logging into iCloud the Apple TV will automatically connect with the Aqara. Check

if your Aqara hub is connected under Homekit. If you do not see the home kit please restart your Apple TV and wait a few minutes or proceed to iCloud on your Apple TV, log out from iCloud and then log in again. You can also use your iPad as a hub and connect it with the Aqara devices to better control them.



Impossible to connect the Aqara devices with your phone?

It can happen sometimes, don’t worry! Most of the time you might misspell a word or you forgot to select a slot. Here a list of things that can stop your phone to connect with the Aqara devices. Be sure to check that you did everything correctly and Don’t worry! It is very easy to pair these devices but it can happen that you forget something during the settings.

  • Check if the router Wi-Fi signal is weak, if is the case move the gateway closer to the router and start connecting the device following the first steps (The connected Wi-Fi hotspot should be switched to 2.4G Wi-Fi)
  • If you do repeated failures, try restarting the phone and try again.
  • Check whether "Disable mDNS to wireless terminal" is disabled (If it is an enterprise router).
  • Please check if the Wi-Fi password is entered incorrectly.
  • Be sure to select the same Wi-Fi router name your phone is connected to.