International shipping for healthcare & COVID prevention products

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International shipping for healthcare & COVID prevention products

Colorfone is a wholesaler and distributor of healthcare & COVID prevention products in the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of products including masks, syringes, medical equipment (blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer), COVID test kits, disinfectant products, gloves, safety glasses, face shields as well as herbal teas.


Colorfone offers deliveries all over Europe. We work from Monday to Friday and process orders placed before 15:00 CET (Amsterdam time) on the same day.


We work with DPD, DHL and PostNL, as a customer you have the freedom to choose between these shipping carriers. Our packages are always shipped with track & trace codes. For the exact shipping cost please go to our website, under the shipping & return page.


Do you need to order large quantities? Please contact us, we make it easy for you and ensure fast and efficient shipping from our warehouse in Rotterdam. Whether it concerns less than a truckload, a full truckload or pallet shipments, we always find a suitable solution. We work with several international services to take care of the logistics process from A to Z.


At Colorfone, we offer a wide range of masks, including FFP2 masks, FFP3 masks and Type IIR medical masks. FFP2 mask protects against harmful water and oil particles and has a (at least) 94% filter rate. But FFP2 mask doesn’t protect against carcinogenic substances, radioactive particles, airborne biological agents of risk group 3 and enzymes. FFP3 mask protects against all the harmful contaminants mentioned above and has a filter rate of (at least) 99%.


Our range of blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and thermometer can effectively monitor a person’s blood pressure, pulse rate, blood dissolved oxygen level and temperature.


We also offer COVID self-test kit, disinfectant products, such as disinfection handgel 70% which can kill 99.99% of bacteria. And other protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, face shields as well as herbal teas.