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Wholesale Distributor Baseus

Baseus is known for its high quality accessories. They are renowned for their sturdy cables and car accessories. And not to mention their range of 3C accessories (computer, communication and consumer electronics). Finally, they also have a great Lifestyle and Audio accessory that completes the entire range.

With Baseus you get guaranteed quality at home!

* All these products come with sleek retail packaging that are excellent for in-store.

Colorfone wholesaler gives a factory warranty on all Baseus accessories.

  • Bluetooth and audio within 12m of purchase
  • PowerBank and adapters within 12m of purchase
  • Cables and car holders within 3m of purchase

Special displays available upon request.

Baseus Cables for Apple and Android devices. Extra durable, Gaming Cables and Quick Charge Cables are available

Baseus Holders for Smartphone and Tablet. Full range of Car Holders, Bicycle Holders, Card Holders and even Desktop Holders. Some include wireless charging!

Baseus Charging Accessories and Splitters. Car and travel adapters. (wireless) Power banks up to 30,000 mAh. Chargers for Apple Watch and Airpods. And various Wireless Chargers.

Baseus Lifestyle and Audio Accessories. Selfie stick, wireless Fan, mobile Gaming accessories and Air fresheners. We also have wireless headsets, speakers and aux cables.

Buy your Baseus accessories now at our wholesaler in Rotterdam. Ordered before 15:00 is shipped the same day.

Each Baseus product comes with an MSRP or a consumer suggested retail price. We recommend that you charge this price as a minimum. If this is not the case, we have the right to stop the sale.

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