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Recci Mirror 3 in 1 cable Lightning / Micro / Type C Pink
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European Distributor and Wholesale Recci (3C) Accessories.

With the brand Recci we have again been able to add a top brand in our wholesale range. Recci is a brand focused on digital accessories aimed at Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics. Recci accessories are extremely affordable and try to compromise on quality as little as possible!

Recci business vision

Recci wants to distinguish itself by being extremely customer-oriented and listening to feedback. In addition, the company works with a team of young professionals who can translate consumer requirements into design and functionality from packaging to product. You can see Recci as a 'Young Fashion Brand that is Trendy and Innovative'. With design and quality a priority!

Supplier of Recci

You can buy Recci accessories at Colorfone Wholesale and Distributor. Extremely affordable, easy, fast and secure. Ordered before 15:00 is shipped the same day.

Warranty Recci

1 year manufacturer's warranty on production errors on all Recci products.

Every Recci product comes with an MSRP or a consumer suggested retail price. We recommend that you charge this price as a minimum. If this is not the case, we have the right to stop the sale.

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